E-book: Contracting Digital Talent

As a secret weapon for leading brands

The definitive ebook for digital talent acquisition

Find the right people to unlock the power of digital

Business can’t ignore the need for digitization, in this e-book by Ariad, you will find out how to beat the barriers that prevents you from engaging the digital talent your company needs faster and with a human touch.

Read about some success stories of companies that implemented an agile mindset and how investing in digital-friendly solutions can make you stay ahead. 

In this e-book, you will learn:

  • How to stay on top in today´s fast-paced digital world
  • What to look for when assembling a team for your next digital project
  • Why digital solutions are a must-have that customers expect.

Who is Ariad?

We are a digital consultancy and staffing firm. We help leading companies in their sector to transform digitally, advising them on how to change and finding the right experts for them. 

We have a team of 100 consultants working in Belgium, the Netherlands and Spain specialized in different areas, such as digital marketing, e-commerce, agile management and digital product design. 

We are always exploring new ways to deal with upcoming challenges, we spare no effort to achieve our common goal: to amaze your customers and grow your business.

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